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Our Trade Partners:

Our stride towards excellence and commitment to offering high quality produce requires careful selection of suppliers, shipping line and close cooperation with our trade partners around the globe.

Over the years we have done business with many growers, exporters and importers from different parts of the world; despite their geographical spread and cultural differences all have one common characteristic; their dedication to offer/demand high quality produce that meets the needs of customers.

Contract with multinational companies, Dole, Chiquita, Unifrutti, Sumifru and our good reputation with them.
Contract with Philippines growers and companies; Marsman Drysdale, Philippine Fresh Fruits Corporation, Lapanday, NEH, Sucrex, Evita Banana Co., Agrinurtures Co. PITC, Corefood, Fedco, ….

Contract with Ecuador growers and companies; Agzulasa LTDA, Soprisa S.A., Banabay, Favorita, Delidecsa, Banana Exchange, Expoglobal, Fanalba, Gina Fruit, Green Force, Hoyos Garces, Negoplus, Tuchok, Luderson, CBC Fruits, …

Contract with Indian growers and companies; Motherdairy, Desai Fruits, INI farms, Risenshine Co. ….

Contract with South African growers and companies; FruitOne, Safe, Zest Fruit, Grown4u, Fresh Goldsa, Capespan, Aruba, Fruitsman, Fruit Unlimited, FVC, Fedfa Exports, Inseason, Lona, Seven Seas, …

Contract with Egyptian growers and companies; Egct, Ceti Group, Al Shams, Hbana, Pyramid, Agro Egypt, Elkady, Capespan, Gouda, Sonac, …

Contract with Chinese growers and companies; Goodfarmers Int’l Trading, Jinig Pretty Jade Food, Yantai Fruit and Veg, Goldland Fruit Limited, Gold Anda Agriculture, Shui Fung Co., Tianbo Industry Co., Luteng Trading.

Contract with Italian growers and companies; Clementi, Nova Fruit, Oranfrizer. Through close cooperation and constant feedback on our products, together with our trade partners we have been able to market high quality Zarrin produce to both domestic and foreign customers.

By imposing sanctions on Iran and discontinuing direct shipping services from Ecuador to Iran, Zarrin changed the route in order to resume his agreements and fulfil his commitments with Ecuadorian growers and exporters although costing higher and had to import containers to Mersin, Turkey and re-export them to Iran by road.

Our relation with our trade partners is based on trust, mutual respect, openness and one-to-one communication with mutual profit in mind. Our personal communication style with our partners through face-to-face meetings, regular visits and one-to-one contacts during work and encounters at trade fairs and congresses enables us to strengthen our relations and creates an open friendly atmosphere with potential for further growth which goes beyond the business aspect of our work.

In this route our contacts and relations are not limited to only business parties. As during these years Zarrin has made friendly relation with Governments authorities and specialists in Agriculture/fruit industry of those countries which Zarrin deals with in order to strengthen and facilitate the business.
As there were meetings during some years ago between Mr Emami and Mr Stephen Anoba Antig Executive Director of the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association, Inc. (PBGEA) in Philippines, and also Ecuador Ambassador Mr Alejandro Ortega in Iran, furthermore with Mr Ian Douglas, Dominica's minister of trade, energy and employment, and Mr Kenneth Darroux, Dominica's minister of foreign affairs Mr Hubert Charles, ambassador of Dominica to the UAE in Dubai.