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Our History

Zarrin Group is run by CEO and owner Alireza (Shahab) Emami; the successor of one of the most reputable families in Iran.

The roots of the group’s business were set in 1930 when both maternal and paternal ancestors of Shahab started cultivating produce in their lands around Tehran and selling them at conventional markets in the capital. As production increased and feeling the necessity of spreading sales geographically, the family together with other peers set up a centre. in the fruit and vegetable wholesale market of Tehran located in south of the city.


While most of the siblings were active in this business, one of the sons; Mohsen Emami (Shahab’s father) showed particular interest from the beginning, working hard and enthusiastically, devoting much of his effort and time to the growth of the family business. In no time, rising above other siblings, he separated his activities and focused solely on sales and distribution of fresh fruits in Tehran’s Wholesale fruit and vegetable market. His parting way set stone for the start of Emami Trading in 1970. He joined Iran Fruit union and through commitment, honesty and faith, the Emami family reached notable success and gained a reputable position among Iranian merchants especially in the fruit and vegetable sector. Holding various managerial positions at trade unions in Iran, the family has contributed significantly to the growth of the industry in Iran and the success of their peers.

After graduating from high school and entering university in Chemical Engineering major, Shahab started working alongside his father in 1993. Named “Alireza” by his maternal grandfather and “Shahab” by his paternal grandfather, he was devoted to follow the footsteps of his ancestors as he was highly interested in business. Dedicated and determined for success, he managed to contribute to the growth of the business in a very short time. His entrepreneurial mindset and belief in employing the latest technology to his work and technical and scientific viewpoint at business instead of traditional viewpoints paved his way to success. In 1994 Tehran’s central fruit and vegetable wholesale market moved to a new location, making it the largest in the Middle East. Emami Trading located its offices at the premises, running the business from the central hub of fruit and vegetable trade in Iran.

With updated point of views and approaches, Shahab paved the way for his business growth and in 1999, he established Zarrin Toranj Taban Asia as a sister company of Emami Trading focusing on international trade and complementing its fresh produce export activities. During those years, only tropical fruits such as banana, pineapple and coconut were allowed to be imported into Iran. The company engaged in importing bananas and after a short time employed state-of-the-art ripening and cold storage facilities, leading to specialized marketing of fresh produce under the Zarrin brand. After the removal of the import ban in 2004 for several other fruit by the government, the company expanded its importing activities, importing all sorts of fruits from different countries offering a complete basket of produce to its customers. Along with expansion of activities, Zarrin Mive Pars Company, Zarrin Aftab Asia, Mive Talaee Pars Taban in Iran, Zarrin Toranj FZE in UAE and Golden Gate company in Italy were established by the management of Shahab.
By travelling to more than 45 countries around the world and visiting many farms, orchards and packing houses, and also attending many international fruit fairs and congresses, Shahab has accumulated pile of experiences and is bringing together years of experience and knowledge. At last it should not be forgotten that the success of the family is owed to the hard work, reputation and credit of their ancestors and kin; of which many have passed away but always remembered by their good name and good will.

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