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Local Trade:

Since 1930 presence in the fresh produce business in Iran, which today falls under the operation of Emami Trading, began with direct selling of our own produce and expanded over the years through distribution and sales of produce grown by local farmers and growers. Through years of experiences we give them advice on the variety and volumes of production throughout the year. Sales grew by purchasing various produce from large plantations and greenhouses which were mainly private or public agro-industrial complexes selling their produce through tenders, and has increased rapidly ever since especially with the addition of imported produce.

Studying chemical engineering at university, Shahab got the opportunity to focus on fruits postharvest physiology and extending shelf life at cold store by manipulating temperature and humidity by which he could offer fruits out of season and make value added goods.

Today with Emami Trading’s superior position in local trade and Zarrin companies’ active presence in importing fruit; we are able to supply and offer a wider variety of produce. Our complete assortment of high quality produce gives more sales opportunities to our sales agents in numerous fruit & vegetable wholesale markets in the country.

Bringing together our years of experience and knowledge and believing that up-to-date distribution knowledge is of essence, we are playing an active role in the demand and supply chain of fresh produce in our country; supplying high volumes of high quality fruits and extending their shelf lifer with up-to-date equipment either for domestic use, exports or for fruit processing industries such as concentrates and preserves.