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Although Iran a four season country is rich in agriculture with high volumes of produce, the large population and high amount of fruit consumption has created the demand for more varieties of fruit and created the opportunity for growth in this sector. Although many sorts of produce are grown in the country, but due to the seasonal availability of the products, not all produce are available all year round. In addition, tropical fruits although highly favoured by Iranian consumers, are not grown in the country due to the climate. Periodic droughts, floods and freezing conditions occasionally affect local productions, increasing the demand for imported produce.

Iran’s plan to join the WTO over the years has also created the opportunity for growth in fresh produce trade and opened doors to foreign traders. Production should be based on relative advantage and the choice of investments in production or import should be carefully investigated. Free import of produce into Iran has also created competition among local producers and traders and contributed to the quality of the products and improvements in packaging.

Our high quality Zarrin products are supplied from multinational companies and many countries around the world as the policy is to choose for quality rather than quantity. Beside contracts with suppliers, spot purchase especially for banana is also being done professionally by Zarrin Group.

Our imported produce and country of origin based on Iran import regulations have been as –and not limited to- below:

From Philippines, Ecuador, India
From South Africa, China, Turkey & Egypt
Pakistan , China, Turkey & South Africa
Malaysia & Philippines
Italy, France, China
Turkey, China & South Africa
Turkey & China
South Africa, Turkey
Sri Lanka, India
South Africa, Turkey
After years of stoppage for Ecuador Dole banana import to Iran, Zarrin made contract with Dole in 2017 and restarted this well-known brand to Iran Market.

It should be highlighted that studying and investing on Malaysian N36 pineapple development for fresh consumption due to its lower price than MD2/MG3 Variety and also for processing industry, Zarrin was the first trader of this variety.

Zarrin is the pioneer in importing India bananas and encouraging Indian companies to export bananas to Middle east especially Iran considering India’s high banana production despite high banana consumption- as banana is a part of India’s culture and is consumed in all festivals and celebrations. Zarrin arranged to move sophisticated workforce from Malaysia to India in order to train and help building mobile packing houses from Bangalore in Kadapa which was the first in the region.