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Our motto is the sun and like the sun, we believe all ZARRIN products should shine through their exceptional quality.
Only the best produce will carry our brand name ZARRIN, and we take particular pride in the quality of our produce
and services.

The name of one of our companies; Zarrin Toranj Taban Asia (Z.T.T.A) means “The shining sun of Asia”.
In Persian literature “Zarrin Toranj” is a metaphor of the sun; “ZARRIN” in Persian, Urdu and Arabic means Golden,
“Toranj” is the fruit Bergamot and “Taban” means shining.

Our logo; the emblem of the sun carrying our brand name ZARRIN; is a reflection of our vision to shine in the fruit
industry through excellent quality produce.

Zarrin Group was the first company to pack perishable fruits in Zarrin Brand in the origin countries and imported to Iran.
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Zarrin Brand initially registered in Iran and later was registered in WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
and Philippines.